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TV personality

"Hi Andrew

Thanks for asking me to make a comment for your website. I used to use anyone and got sent a selection of odd drivers, most purported to be chauffeurs, but they were clearly not. They were taxi companies that had an executive car, but not executive drivers! I think they sent the driver that fitted the only suit!

Since trying you, I realise what I have missed out on. You are always early and at airports you always text me to say you are already there waiting at Costa! I never worry if you have remembered and when I email you to say I have changed flights, you always produce miracles, so flexible and this suits my work style. I won’t mention the little surprises you hide in the Mercedes, but I know there will always be a little treat for me when I leave London late at night for home. I didn’t think I was old enough yet, but I am enjoying the blanket and pillow. The S Class is very luxurious and so comfortable, with plenty of room to work.

As you have got busier, you have taken on more Mercedes S-Classes so service has remained superb. “S” always knows she can email you and you always say yes, no problem, where are we going? Any PA considering using you will get praise from their manager, I’m certain. Well, as you are not paying me, that’s all you are getting. Don’t use my name. See you soon."


Jane Geerts Opal Ltd

"Dear Andrew,

Many thanks for your email.  Your company certainly provides a first rate service and I/Opal will be using you again in the future. Thanks for the info re. the "absent" taxi.  All resolved and I've got all the money back, plus the cost of taxi! Kind regards."


Sophie Smith

"Hi Andrew

 Thanks so much for ferrying Olly in luxury. And for the sweets!! I promise I give them to the kids and not scoff them all myself (not all)"  


Vicky Alnutt, Project Executive UniversalProcon Ltd

"No problem Andrew, thank you for confirming receipt of payment. Many thanks for your wonderful help in Brighton!! Kindest Regards"


Tracey, PA

"That’s great! Many thanks for your professionalism Andrew – it is much appreciated. You did what you said you would do! Rare sometimes these days. I will ensure that your invoice gets processed asap.

Many thanks again."


Julia, PA

"Hi Andrew
Just a line to say what a refreshing change it is to deal with you. Our last chauffeur company never did anything they promised. David is a different person when he lands at T5 Heathrow now. He knows you will be there as the wheels touch, down ready for his quick exit.
I can relax now…
Many thanks

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